CH Machine Company stock is known as over the counter stock or unlisted stock, since the stock is not on a stock
exchange. When CH Machine Company becomes a large company, our stock will be listed on a stock exchange.
Stock is listed with an initial public offering or IPO. A successful company can raise a large amount of capital very
quickly with an IPO. The IPO price of the stock is based on the estimated value of the company at the time of the
. With an IPO a new value is set for the company.

CH Machine Company shareholders can anticipate a 200 to 1 split or greater with an IPO, when the total number
of shares increases from 1 million to 200 million shares or greater. With a stock split, new stock certificates are
issued to the shareholders. In a 200 to 1 split for example, a person who owns 10 shares receives a new certificate
for 2000 shares.
Initial Public Offering or IPO