With a degree in Marketing from Texas Tech University, Charles worked in a variety of occupations in
manufacturing businesses, including machine shops, metal stamping, plastics fabricating, circuit board
manufacturing, and different factory jobs. He's worked as a production coordinator, a manufacturing
engineer, and a quality control engineer.

Until March of 2017, Charles was self-employed running a flyer distribution business in Phoenix, AZ.
He currently works as a delivery driver for Domino's.

Charles is a member of a metalworking club, Valley Metal Club. The club holds live meetings in the
Phoenix area once a month. Some club members own machine shops, and some have decades of
experience working in various industries.

The Stock Offering

CH Machine Company is a "C" corporation in the state of Arizona. The company's articles of
incorporation have been approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. CH Machine Company
has issued 10,000 shares of common stock at a par value of $100.00 a share.

A provisional patent was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Novenber 23, 2018. The
provisional patent gives CH Machine Company the legal right to build machines, with "patent pending"
written on the machines prior to sale.

CH Machine Company will  sell common stock to finance the completion of the machine, and the
production of machines sold to restaurants.

A document explaining exactly what the company will do will be signed by the board of directors and
each individual shareholder. CH Machine Company is a business that will manufacture and sell pizza
machines for restaurants. The document explains that Charles Holden reserves the right to start other
manufacturing companies later. Charles Holden will devote all of his work to CH Machine Company,
until CH Machine Company starts selling machines to restaurants profitably. Charles Holden will
NEVER build any machines used to make pizza in a restaurant, unless the machines are manufactured
by CH Machine Company.

I will work very hard for CH Machine Company to become a financial success.

Charles Holden, President

CH Machine Company
3748 W Rovey Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85019-1733
Business Plan

Our Business And The Vision

CH Machine Company will build and sell a machine that will be used to make pizza in restaurants. The machine
is an eletromechanical assembly, with 31 motors and  22 solenoids. The machine will place the toppings on a
pizza, put the pizza into a pizza oven, and remove the pizza from the oven after it is cooked. The machine will
provide a new state-of-the-art in restaurant technology in the world market. Using our machine, pizza
restaurants will reduce direct labor cost significantly. Restaurants who buy our machines will immediately acquire
an advantage over the competition.

The Machine

The machine is divided into three major sub-assemblies, the pizza peel, the pizza mover, and the toppings

The Pizza Peel

The pizza peel is the largest and most complex of the three major sub-assemblies. The pizza peel transfers the
pizza crust to the pizza mover, then removes the pizza crust from the pizza mover after the toppings are placed
onto the crust. The pizza peel places the uncooked pizza into the oven, and removes the cooked pizza from the

The Pizza Mover

The pizza mover moves the pizza crust under the toppings dispensers, while rotating as the toppings are placed
onto the crust.

The Toppings Dispensers

The drawing shows the food auger inside a toppings dispenser.The toppings dispensers put tomato sauce,
cheese, and other toppings onto the pizza crust, while the crust rotates on the pizza mover.
The Electrical and Electronics in the Machine

The schematic shows how the motors and solenoids in the machine connect to the programmable logic
controller, with relays and circuit breakers.
The machine uses a Beckhoff programmable logic controller with a touchscreen. The Beckhoff
software is called Twincat.
The programmable logic controller or PLC is a small computer used in the operation of machines.
The plc operates the motors and solenoids in our machine. The plc turns motors and solenoids
"on" and "off", with an electronic timer set to the closest 1/1000 of a second.
The plc is also connected to a touchscreen. Restaurant workers will operate the machine using the
CH Machine Company employees will receive parts, inventory parts, assemble machines, download
computer programming online, quality control inspect machines, and ship machines to restaurants.
Employees will receive parts from vendors. Vendors are in two categories. Businesses who sell
commercial parts, and businesses who manufacture parts for CH Machine Company. After parts are
received and assigned CH Machine Company part numbers, inventory will be placed in a stockroom.
Machines will be assembled. Computer programming will be downloaded into the machine. The machine
will be quality control inspected, then shipped to the customer.

The parts made for our machines will be produced by other businesses. Relying on local machine shops
and other businesses to make our parts, CH Machine Company employees will perform  only assembly
and quality control work. With this Manufacturing Plan, CH Machine Company will be able to increase
capacity very quickly.

Maintenance And Repair

CH Machine Company machines will be simple to maintain and repair. The operation of every part and
assembly in the pizza machine will be shown in videos. The videos will be available online exclusively to
our customers.

Online videos will be available explaining the maintenance and repair of the entire machine. Any change
to the computer program for an individual machine, will be performed online by an experienced
programmer. The programming will be available online 24 hours per day, every day of the year.
With the maintenance and repair plan CH Machine Company will provide, restaurant managers will
actually have the capability of maintaining and repairing machines in any event. A spare parts kit will be
provided with every machine our company sells. In the "real world" however, some restaurant managers
will prefer to have an experienced technician perform repair work. For these restaurants, CH Machine
Company will have a written agreement with a handyman business in the vicinity of the restaurant. The
local handyman will have full access to all of our videos and other services available online. The local
handyman will become totally familiar with our machines, and in communication with our online services.

The Marketing Plan

There are 73,000 pizza restaurants in the United States. More than one-half of the pizza restaurants are
in retail chains, although individually owned restaurants are common. The restaurants who will become
our customers are easy to find. We will use a direct mail campaign to contact pizza restaurant owners
and managers. We will have a website with videos that show the pizza machine in operation. We will
contact the top management of pizza restaurant chains.
We will mail a color brochure to several people in the corporate office of each restaurant chain. The
brochure will explain our business and our machine with color photos. The brochure will also contain the
address of our website with videos of the machine in operation.

Here is a list of the top 20 pizza restaurant chains in the United States according to PMQ Magazine. The
number to the right of the business’s name indicates the number of restaurants.

The Leasing Agreement

CH Machine Company will have a written agreement with a leasing company. Independently owned pizza
restaurants, who cannot affort to buy our machines, will be able to use our machines. Restaurants will
have the option of buying machines from CH Machine Company,  or leasing machines from a leasing

The Patent

A provisional patent has been issued with a filing date of Novenber 23, 2018.  A utility patent must be
obtained within one year of our filing date. The provisional patent enables CH Machine Company to
write "patent pending" on every machine produced. The provisional patent provides full legal protection
for CH Machine Company, until the utility patent is issued.

About Charles Holden
The Manufacturing Plan
 1. Pizza Hut: 14,759
 2. Domino’s Pizza: 8,641
 3. Papa John’s Pizza: 3,238
 4. Little Caesars: 2,000
 5. Noble Roman’s Pizza: 1,400
 6. Casey’s Carry-Out Pizza: 1355
 7. Papa Murphy’s Take-N-Bake Pizza: 1,073
 8. Sbarro’s Italian Eatery: 1,040
 9. Godfather’s Pizza: 656
10. Cici’s Pizza: 631
11. Hungry Howie’s Pizza: 575
12. Pizza Pro: 552
13. Chuck E. Cheese’s: 537
14. Round Table Pizza: 505
15. Papa Gino’s: 365
16. Pizza Inn: 335
17. Fox’s Pizza Den: 315
18. California Pizza Kitchen: 239
19. Simple Simon’s Pizza: 227
20. Uno Chicago Grill: 225
U.S. Total of Top 20 Chains: 38,668