A document explaining exactly what the company will do will be signed by the board of directors
and each individual shareholder. I will limit CH Machine Company to a business that will
manufacture and sell pizza machines for restaurants. The document must explain that Charles
Holden reserves the right to start other manufacturing companies later. It must explain that
Charles Holden will devote all of his work to CH Machine Company, until CH Machine Company
starts selling machines to restaurants profitably. It must explain that I will NEVER build any
machines used to make pizza in a restaurant, unless the machines are manufactured and sold
by CH Machine Company.

I will work very hard for CH Machine Company to become a financial success.

Charles Holden, President
CH Machine Company
By December 1, 2018, CH Machine Company will become a "C" corporation. The company will
be authorized by the Arizona Corporation Commission, with 10,000 shares of common stock at
a par value of $100.00 a share. At the time of authorization, a provisional patent will be issued
for an innovative new machine used to make pizza in a restaurant. The company will have the
legal right to build machines, with "patent pending" written on the machines prior to sale.

CH Machine Company will  sell common stock to finance the completion of the machine, and the
production of machines sold to restaurants.
CH Machine Company
The Company